Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Eléctrico 28: «Lives up to its terrible reputation»

It was our third time in Lisbon and this time we finally gave in and got on tram 28 to experience the (in)famous ride. The tram was not packed, but there were no free seats available either, so we had to stand. Only two stops later a group of four local looking men, one of them holding a fatigued and dirty map of Lisbon in his hand, poorly acting as tourists, tightly surrounded me and my boyfriend, even though there was more space elsewhere on the tram and their intentions were more than clear. Realizing what was about to happen we immediately escaped the encirclement but felt awful playing the cat and mouse game, with one of the pickpockets still behind us, so we got off at the nearest stop while holding our belongings as strong as we could and decided to take a walk instead.
We may visit Lisbon once more but for sure we are never going to take tram 28 again, even if we have absolutely nothing valuable on us. The experience was dreadful. The local authorities and the tram operator should be ashamed for tolerating this situation. in Trip Advisor, turistas de Dublin. Jun 29, 2014

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